"The Train Project"

Just a quick peek at the progress!

"Searching for the right track"

***The Train Room Project: Train Building was started in April 1999
** First double loop mainline completed 6/23/02
Now(5/09)over 700 feet of HO track!)
** Scenery work on the first level for summer 03 **
** Track work started for the 2nd level winter 03 **
** Track work started for the lowest level winter 04 **
** More scenery work started for the 2nd level spring 04 **
** Building electrical work completed spring 04 **
** Working to complete track work on the 2nd level summer 04 **
** Freight and coaling yard almost completed fall/winter 04/05 **
** (not much progress this last winter/spring...Broken leg!)
** 3rd level work & more...fall/winter 05/06 **
** The Sturracca Viaduct arrives winter 07 **
** Expanding the 3rd layer loop spring 07 **
** Starting the 3rd level city area summer 07 **
** 3rd level background building area begins Fall 07 **
** 3rd level buildings continue Winter 07-08 **
** 3rd level Loop completed spring 08 **
** 3rd level buildings,bridge,scenery in-place summer 08 **
** Working on the freight yard control panel fall 08 **
** NYO&W line: Lowest level is up and running! Winter 08-09 **
** New rail switch stand has arrives for outside display!**
** Circleville Creamery arrives! Spring 09**
** Installed 16 feet of 1886 Erie rail with ties and plates!**
** Working on an "O" scale model!summer10**
** G Scale arrives... engine and cars! sum10**
** Next up...2 new MicroScale Buildings to build! Winter10-11**
** Winter 2012... New Station arrives!**
** Winter 2013 General care going on! **
** Winter 2013 New MicroScale church model and switch tower awaits!**
** Fall 2013...3 new engines show up! 2 Tech7 - 760 Power packs too**
** Winter 2014...More items to build and add to the layout from the Amherst Train Show!**
** Summer 2014...Railroading goes outside... The new G Scale railway!**
** Fall 2014...Solari Flap Boards GCT... Saved and rebuilt after 25 years!**
** Winter 2015...St Michael's is finally built!**
** Fall 2015...New NYO&W power arrives.!**
** Winter 2016...Installing touch toggles for the main cross-over!**
** Winter 2016...New warehouse area to begin with 3 great building!**
** Summer 2016.. some summer 16 pictures!
** Fall 2016.. the Icing station area starts!
** Spring 2017.. the Icing station area is a work in progress..
** Summer 2017.. new warehouse area started...
** Fall 2017.. continued progress is always the goal...
** Winter 2018.. Back from the Amherst Train Show...a few new items
** Amherst Train Show...Save the date.. maybe next year! 2022
**Summer 2019... new O&W loco's arrive, time for some repainting outside and inside!
** Summer 2020 New building heater being installed
** Winter 2020-21 Even with the heater just too cold to work on the trains!

Located between Port Jervis and Middletown , New York

N & W 1981 Lionel O gage 611 set complete on display... Ron, your always with me!
***picture of the Yard Master

***Picture the Yard Crew!

"Land of the ERIE and NYO&W"

Model Trains...a hobby that can stop the clock! for a little while at least!

Click HERE to see this Crew!

HO Scale Rules here!

The Erie - NYO&W Train Project:

  • Take out the old!

  • Bring in the new!

  • The Interior!

  • The layout Begins!

  • First train runs!

  • Updated photos...summer 04!

  • Updated photos...Winter 05!

  • Updated photos...Winter 06!

  • Updated photos...Winter/spring 06!

  • Sturracca arrives!...level 3...Winter 07!

  • The town area 3rd level!...summer 07!

  • Industrial background building begins!...Fall 07!

  • 3rd level buildings added!...Winter 07-08!

  • 3rd level buildings, bridge, details!...Summer 08!

  • Working on the freight yard control panel!...Fall 08!

  • 100 year old switch stand arrives and given new life!...Feb 09!

  • The lower level NYO&W is on the run!

  • Circleville Creamery arrives!

  • The real 1886 Erie Mainline!

  • O Scale Coaster scratch built!

  • New Station...Double Time Station... arrives on Erie mainline!

  • More buildings arrive...Double Time Station>... including the church!

  • Railroading goes outside... New G Scale railway... Dread Pirate Bill Railroad... DP&BRR!

  • Solari Flap Boards... GCT Flap Boards rebuilt!!

  • St. Michael's arrives!

  • New NYO&W power arrives!

  • New building set in-place, toggles installed, Erie employee magazine files are expanded (1943 & 1946 completed), two new lanterns added, time to repaint the building!

  • New pictures for Summer 2016

  • Jan 2020... New O&W steam power added, new buildings added,

  • Nov-Dec 2020... New Heater . quarry table rising actuators to be installed

  • Grandfather: William Carlisle, Father: Homer Carlisle & me!(William H Carlisle)
    Montgomery, NY 1954 Sears Boxcar Home
    June,15,2020... Happy 106th Birthday Dad!
    After all these years... Tracing back our Carlisle name...My Great and Great-Great Papa Carlisle are Irish!!! Northern Ireland , Belfast area, Antrim-Carmoney. My Great-Great Grandfather Jonas McMullen, Irish, fought in the Civil War

    Just me!
    Montgomery, NY 1954

    Me & Ron !
    My Guardian Angels Ron 2/19/2012 & Bob 10/30/2018
    Thoughts of you both are with me ... everyday!
    Layout from the past... which is no more... Great memories!

    Modeling trains is simply the best!
    Winter ... getting close!
    Updated 3/23/2021...70 orbits so far!
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